How Not to Decorate on Channel 5 feature TileVision

Colin & Justin - How Not To DecorateThe design duo transformed the three bedroom Hemel Hempstead terrace from a hand painted hodgepodge filled with statues of witches and wizards into a modern family home.

The designers, Colin and Justin, gave the family a sleek, modern and luxurious bathroom which includes a 17" TileVision.

Packed with valuable information, the How Not to Decorate series shows viewers how to update their homes successfully and where to spend money wisely and effectively.

‘We‘re on a mission,’ explained Justin. ‘And that mission is to rid the world of badly decorated homes. Even in this supposedly design literate day and age there’s still a plague of shocking 1970’s avocado bathroom suites, vomit inducing swirly carpets and woodchip wallpaper everywhere. We’ve got the antidote and what’s more we’re prepared to use it!’