TileVision and Mirage spares and accessories. Including the Splashproof Universal Learning Remote Control.

  • Splashproof Universal Learning Remote Control

    The TileVision 45 button universal learning splashproof remote control has an IP67 waterproof rating allowing use in wet areas and even floats when dropped in the bath.

    The 3 in 1 remote control allows the user to control the TileVision (or any other TV) plus two other external AV sources, for example a Satellite / Cable Receiver Box and DVD player.

    It is pre-programmed with over 2000 codes for TV’s, Satellite Receivers, DVD players and VCR Recorders. Auto search or direct entry makes it easy to select the pre-programmed brands

    IR codes from any other IR Remote Control can be copied with the head to head learning function and assigned to any button.

    Supplied complete with a self-adhesive acrylic remote control holder.

    Note : can be used to control previous 17" and 23" models of TileVision using built in codes - see user guide for full details.


    £48.00 inc. VAT and UK Delivery

  • TileVision Speaker

    A 6.5" water resistant Single Stereo Speaker which combines both the left and right channel sound into a single speaker – ideal for installation in bathrooms.

    The bass driver is a twin coil design and has one speech coil for the left channel and one for the right.

    With just 12mm depth of the flange and grille visible the TileVision's speaker is very unobtrusive.

    The clamps which fix the speaker rigidly in place allow the speaker to be surface mounted in materials from 4mm to 30mm thick.

    The speaker is supplied with 4.5 metres of 4-core speaker cable. To make installation as easy as possible, both the clip terminals on the TileVision and on the speaker are labelled to match the colours of the speaker cable.

    A wire hook to remove the speaker grille is also supplied as part of the TileVision first fix kit.

    £48.00 inc. VAT and UK Delivery