TileVision Frequently Asked Questions

What size hole is required to take the 22" back box?
A recess of 590 mm x 381 with a depth of 75 mm from the front face of the tiles. More information: TileVision 22/FR1 Dimensions

What size hole is required to take the 26" back box?
A recess of 702 x 455 mm with a depth of 92 mm from the front face of the tiles. More information: TileVision Dimensions

What is the size of the mirrored surround?
The outside dimensions of the surround for the 22" units is 616 x 420mm. The surround for the 26" unit is 728 x 493 mm. Both surrounds are 30 mm wide. More information: TileVision 22/FR1 Dimensions

Can I extend the cable on the power supply?
The integral four metre low voltage lead must not be cut, shortened, or lengthened. The mains cable should only be extended by a qualified electrician.

Can I extend the cable on the speakers?
The speaker cables can be extended provided that a good quality cable is used. Thin cables will reduce the sound quality.

Must I use the speaker provided with the TileVision?
It is recommended that the speaker supplied with the TileVision are used. If alternative speakers have to be used they MUST have a nominal impedance of 8 ohms.

What is the resolution on the 22" TileVision?
The resolution of the TV22FR1 is 1920 x 1080 (Full HD).

What is the resolution on the 26" TileVision?
The resolution of the TV26FR2 is 1920 x 1080 (WUXGA, Full HD)

What can I use to fix the surround on to the TileVision?
The same clear silicone sealant that is used to seal the TileVision's screen assembly into the back box should be used (as shown in the installation instructions). More inforation: TileVision Sealing

What is the viewing area of the LCD: 22", 26"?
The viewing areas are: TV22 = 473 x 265 mm, TV26 = 575 x 323 mm.

What size battery is required for the remote control?
The battery for the waterproof remote control is 1 x CR2032 3 volt button cell. The standard remote control takes 2 x AAA 1.5 volt alkaline cells. More information: Remote Control Reference

What size are the TileVision speakers?
Both TileVisions are supplied with a single stereo speaker which is 240 mm Ø x 95 mm deep.
More information: Stereo Speaker Information

How can I check if the remote control is working?
If the LED on a remote control is viewed through a digital camera, the LED will be seen to light when any button on the remote control is pressed. If the LED does not light, either the battery/batteries need to be replaced, or the remote control is faulty.

How can I convert an analogue TileVision to receive digital television broadcasts?
Any analoge TileVision can be converted to receive digital broadcasts from a set top box or Sky™ receiver. The most recent analogue TileVisions can be converted to include remote control of the set top box or Sky™ receiver via the TileVision's infrared remote control receiver. More information: TileVision Analogue to Digital Conversion